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Conversations for Social Change

Conversations for Social Change

The Conversations for Social Change speaker series invites the Centennial community to engage in critical dialogue around pressing social issues. The purpose of the series is to raise awareness, empower and offer resources/expertise to the community. This program includes the wider Scarborough/Toronto community and industry to strengthen connections between students, staff, community and experts to address social concerns.

The speaker events typically run during the last week of every other month. Events are approximately 2 hours with opportunities for the speaker to present and then engage in a discussion and networking session with students. We also encourage alternative formats that will involve the audience in different ways (e.g. using art based activities).

We encourage faculty to apply for CSC funding for their classes and programs. We encourage speaker sessions with multiple classes given the interdisciplinary nature of global citizenship and equity education.  If you are interested in participating or would like to know more about the program, please contact Tatiana Wugalter at

Past Events

The Centre held four highly successful Conversations for Social Change events this past year including Displaced Persons Awareness Week, We RISE by Lifting Others to mark International Women’s Day, Black Lives Matter to mark Black History Month and Faith in Education to address the updated OHRC document on religious accommodations.