Black Mentorship Initiative

Black Mentorship Initiative


Have you heard about Centennial College's new Black Mentorship Initiative? What does this mean for you, your career and future job opportunities?  

The primary objectives of the program are:

  1. To help new Centennial College students successfully transition into gainful employment
  2. To support students, enhance their career potential, and help identify career paths 

This is a voluntary program whereby mentees are paired with mentors that are experienced in a specific skill, competency or have knowledge on how best to navigate the transition from school to employment. If you are interested in gaining knowledge that will benefit your career and are able to commit connecting with your mentor once a semester, this program is for you!

Once you register you required to attend the launch, as outlined above, where you'll be given more information on your new role as a mentee. 

Please contact Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion at if you require more information or are interested in joining the Black Mentorship Initiative!