GCE Portfolio

GCE Portfolio

Our Centre provides consultation to students and faculty on how students can showcase their Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE) skills to potential employers through a digital portfolio. We are available to deliver workshops to classes or to meet one-on-one to discuss what students can include in their portfolios to highlight their GCE skills. There are many benefits to a GCE Portfolio that are attained through Centennial’s Signature Learning Experience.

What is a GCE Portfolio?

The development of a portfolio is a process of documenting your learning. The GCE Portfolio is a visual representation of your GCE experiences, knowledge, strengths, abilities, skills and learning. The development of a portfolio is the process of becoming critically aware of how and why our assumptions have come to constrain the way we perceive, understand and feel about our world. It will represent your potential as a job-ready candidate who is able to successfully adapt to any work environment – locally and globally.

Employers today are very interested in aspects of diversity that lead to greater innovation and efficiency within the workplace. Understanding the concept of GCE will allow you to develop respectful relationships, which works to foster productivity. Employers are looking to hire and maintain a staff that can demonstrate problem-solving skills, conflict resolution and ethical behaviours within the context of social, cultural and racial diversity.

As a Centennial graduate who has completed and fulfilled the requirements of a GCE Portfolio you have significantly enhanced the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-diversifying global workforce.

The 6 GCE Skills for Employment Tool is a resource that demonstrates the link between specific programs, the GCE learning outcomes and the connection to the industry. A template is available for download and requests for customized, program-specific tools can be requested.