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How to use your Digital Badge on LinkedIn

How to use your Digital Badge on LinkedIn

To get started visit LinkedIn to create your free online professional profile. Review your privacy settings carefully to ensure you are comfortable with the information available to your networks and the general public. Need help developing your profile? Visit Career Services at your campus. Additionally, there are a number of resources available to provide tips on making an effective profile such as  Dartmouth University's 6 Steps to Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile. For more details with your LinkedIn badge please view the GCEI Global Perspective Manual.

Steps to add your Digital Badge


Scroll to your Education section

Here you will see a number of options on the bottom where it indicates 'Add Media.'


Select 'Photo'


Select 'Upload a File' and add the Digital Badge JPEG badge image

You are able to upload additional media to various sections of your LinkedIn profile. As an example, you may choose to add a PDF of a Global Citizen Digest article under 'Publications.'


Scroll to your Education section

In the Description consider what you wish to highlight to a potential employer. It is recommended that you include:

  • A brief description of the credential earned 
  • A highlight of your specific accomplishments or alternatively focusing in greater detail on a particular achievement applicable to the Global Perspectives credential. There is a character limit, thus be concise and focused.


Ensure you hit 'Save'


Scroll to the top and click the 'View Profile As' button

This will give you a preview of what others see when they view your profile.