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Global Citizenship and Equity Integration

Global Citizenship and Equity Integration

The Centre is responsible for supporting the Academic Schools and faculty in the integration of the College’s 6 Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE) learning outcomes. We can provide curriculum support, help design GCE assignments, deliver presentations to students on GCE and answer any questions you may have about the integration process.

What is Global Citizenship & Equity?

Global Citizenship is an increasing awareness that our lives are connected to the lives of people across the world, that we are members of a global community with rights and responsibilities to do our part to ensure sustainability of resources, social justice and equity for all are achieved locally and globally.

Equity is not separate from the concept of Global Citizenship. Both terms mean allowing everyone to have an equal opportunity to achieve and have access to what our world has to offer in addition to basic human rights.

When we see that others are being treated with injustice, we know that we are responsible for trying to ensure that others are treated justly and provided with equitable opportunities as fellow citizens of the world.

We think critically about what we do and say, and make sure that our actions are inclusive, to bring about transformational changes in lives and communities for personal, career and societal benefits.

Centennial’s Global Citizenship & Equity Outcomes

The overall goals of GCE require students to develop global citizenship, equity and inclusion knowledge, skills and experiences as it relates to the sustainability of resources, individual and community identities, critical social analysis and enhanced personal and social responsibility.

Centennial’s distinctive GCEI educational experience integrates the principles of global citizenship, social justice and equity into the curriculum and prepares students to succeed in the global marketplace. Below are the 6 GCEI learning outcomes:


Identify one’s roles and responsibilities as a global citizen in personal and professional life.


Identify beliefs, values and behaviours that form individual and community identities and the basis for respectful relationships.


Analyze issues of equity at the personal, professional and global level.


Analyze the use of the world’s resources to achieve sustainability and equitable distribution at the personal, professional and global level.


Identify and challenge unjust practices in local and global systems.


Support personal and social responsibility initiatives at the local, national or global level.