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Full-Time Catalogue

Centennial College Full-time Programs Catalogue 2022-2023


ext. 2083 or 2001




The Centre for Global Citizenship, Education and Inclusion (GCEI) partnered with the Scarborough Women’s Centre on a research project that investigated the specific barriers and challenges that are often experienced by women with disabilities in employment and in the workplace. Each Infographic below talks about a specific barrier that women and often people with disabilities in general encounter. It provides recommended tips and strategies on how to create an employment situation and/or work environment more accessible and inclusive to individuals with disabilities

Below are the Infographics:

  • Understanding and Facilitating Disclosure in the Workplace – Coming Soon!
  • Conducting Inclusive Interviews – Coming Soon!
  • Developing Inclusive Job Postings – Coming Soon!
  • Workplace Accommodation – Coming Soon!
  • Inclusive Language in the Workplace – Coming Soon!
  • Building an Inclusive Workplace – Coming Soon!