Ableist Language

Ableist Language

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Ableism is a form of discrimination against people with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities. It is perpetuated by the belief that they need to be “fixed,” or cannot function as full members of society.

Ableism can take many forms. Everyday language is one of the most common ways that negative views about people with disabilities are reinforced.

That’s so...

pointless, irritating, annoying, goofy, ditzy, senseless, ridiculous, absurd, silly, ludicrous, dull, asinine, foolish, or flighty... and you choose retarded?

End the R Word

Say This! Not That!
Unreal Insane
Unbelievable Retarded
Awful Crazy
Bad Lame
Ridiculous Stupid
Boring Blind
Careless Dumb
Oblivious Deaf

Language Matters. Consider Yours!

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