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View Biphobia Social Action Card.

An irrational fear or hatred of bisexual people displayed by both heterosexuals and those from within the gay community. It may be expressed in overt or covert ways, ranging from subtle forms of behaviour to outright violence.

What Biphobia looks like

  • Includes assumptions and beliefs that bisexual people are confused about their sexuality or are "sitting on the fence."
  • Includes assumptions that bisexual people are promiscuous or cannot live monogamously.
  • Are bisexual instead of lesbian or gay to take advantage of heterosexual privilege.

4 Ways to Combat



Challenge biphobic jokes and behaviour from colleagues, friends and family members and give constructive suggestions for change.


Model Anti-Biphobic Behaviour

Stop assuming that everyone is straight or gay and don’t bully others for non-traditional gender behaviour.



Learn about and discuss LGBTTQ+ issues and talk about biphobia with family, friends and colleagues.



Support the confidentiality of people who ‘come out’ to you and learn about resources for the LGBTTQ+ community so you can refer people who need support.