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Development of Institute

Development of Institute

The development of the Institute is congruent with and supportive of Centennial College’s vision, Transforming Lives and Communities through Learning. Centennial College has an exceptional portfolio of exemplars specific to applied research activities that pertain specifically to emergency, disaster management and public safety. In addition, we provide interprofessional stimulating learning opportunities for our students in many programs through our large scale disaster simulations, and unique e-learning opportunities.

We are recognized for innovation, commitment to quality assurance and maintaining the relevancy of our programs, and to increasing our capacity for applied research in the area of healthcare, educational technology, emergency management, public health and safety.

To ensure that the Institute’s mandate is pertinent and responsive to our communities needs in addressing the many facets of emergency management, public health and safety, we require the leadership and guidance of professionals and experts from a diverse range of disciplines and sectors that have the knowledge and experiences to play an integral role in the development of our Institute.

Thus, the Institute brings together an integrated network of community stakeholders. We will work collectively and collaboratively to determine the needs of the community program advancing emergency management, public health and safety leadership knowledge and skills.