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Frequently Asked Questions about Computer-delivered IELTS

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer-delivered IELTS

General questions

Which test is best for me?

It’s up to you, and what you prefer. You might want to take a paper-based test since it’s the same sort of test you’d take in school. On the other hand, you might prefer typing, and want to work with a computer. The choice is yours.

Is it the same content as a paper-based test?

Yes. The computer-delivered test will cover the same listening, reading and writing skills as the paper-based IELTS, along with the same scoring, level of difficulty and question types. The Speaking test is also identical between the two versions of the test, as a face-to-face session with an IELTS Examiner.

Is IELTS on a computer harder than IELTS paper-based?

No. The computer-delivered test has the same content and the same level of difficulty as the paper-based test.

Isn’t the test easier if I can type faster on a computer?

No, since the test will be the same as paper-based IELTS in terms of content, scoring, level of difficulty and question types. It even features the exact same face-to-face Speaking test

Special requirements provision questions

I think I need special arrangements for me to take IELTS. Can I still take the computer-delivered test?

Test takers with special requirements should contact our test centre to assess their requirements and discuss whether or not the computer-delivered test is suitable. We have a number of options available for our paper-based format that support special requirements, and we’ll help you find the option that best suits you.

Can I bring my own laptop or keyboard?

No. All equipment is provided by the test centre and no outside equipment is permitted.

Availability questions

Is computer-delivered IELTS available on demand?

Not at the moment. You need to register for computer-delivered IELTS, just like with paper-based IELTS.

How many computer-delivered IELTS test dates are there?

Please visit our Test Dates and Locations for information on availability.

Test preparation questions

How do I prepare for the computer-delivered test?

Please view our preparation offerings and practice questions.

Test quality questions

How does computer-delivered IELTS compare to other computer tests?

IELTS is one of the world’s most popular English language tests for study, work and migration, and this qualifies for both the computer and paper-based versions. IELTS is trusted by 10,000 organizations worldwide for its fairness, reliability and high-quality standards.

Why isn’t IELTS fully computer-delivered?

The face-to-face IELTS Speaking test helps test takers develop the kind of real-world English skills they’ll need in their lives.

Test results questions

Will I get my results faster with computer-delivered IELTS?

If you take the computer-delivered IELTS test, then you will receive your results five to seven days after you complete the last section of your test.

Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form

Candidates who seek to cancel their registration or transfer test dates within the five-week period prior to the test date (or two-week period for Computer-delivered IELTS) will only receive a refund (minus an administrative charge of CAD 75.00 ) if they can satisfy to the Administrator that their ability to sit the test has been affected by illness or serious cause. A medical certificate within 5 working days after the test explaining their absence (including falling ill during and being unable to finish the test or evidence of loss or bereavement, hardship, trauma or military service). 

Note: No third party products/materials (e.g. prep course material etc.) may use the IELTS or Test Partner logos.