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Academic Quality Assurance

Academic Quality Assurance

Centennial College recognizes the importance of creating, developing and implementing a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure academic and service excellence. Our approach extends beyond the rigorous compliance with external and government regulations, standards and practices, and strives further to uphold our institutional principle to “pursue excellence” to advance our mission.

At Centennial College, quality assurance processes have been given a priority in our strategic commitments, our academic plans, our business plans and in our service functions.

Components and supports that make up our quality assurance system include:

Institutional Quality Assurance

In 2018 Centennial College will be going through an institutional audit called CQAAP, which stands for College Quality Assurance Audit Process. This audit process is conducted every five years by the Ontario College Quality Assurance Services (OCQAS), who ensure there are quality and consistency across the 24 colleges in Ontario. CQAAP involves the regular and cyclical review of each college’s quality assurance mechanisms to ensure they are continuously being improved.

Program Quality Review

  • Annual Program Review (APR)
  • Comprehensive Program Quality Review (CPQR)

Program Quality (PQ) eCentennial Sites

Each program or program cluster has a dedicated site on our Learning Management System, designed to act as a repository for all documents relating to program quality mechanisms, including Annual Program Review, accreditation (if applicable), Comprehensive Program Quality Review, Program Advisory Committees and pathways. These new sites are designed to encourage collaborative work among faculty and program administrators, and to provide a one stop location for easy retrieval and sharing of information. Most of the quantitative data required to complete the program review reports will be stored on these sites by CAQ.

Student Course Delivery Evaluation (Class Climate Survey)

One of the components of Centennial's Program Quality Review Process is the use of a Course Delivery Evaluation questionnaire that allows for regular student feedback on delivery methods, course content, assessment methods, classroom facilities, equipment, course materials, and resources, as well as achievement of learning outcomes for the course. In each course, at least one time per semester, students will complete the questionnaire to provide feedback on the course and delivery methods. Data collected is used by faculty members to facilitate their ongoing learning and reflection. The data is also used to inform the analysis of quality conducted during Centennial's Annual Program Review and Comprehensive Program Quality Review processes.

Program Advisory Committees

Program Advisory Committees (PACs) are a very important part of program quality assurance. The Centre for Academic Quality provides a number of resources for use in building effective PACs, including a member guide, checklists, nomination forms, and templates for meeting agendas and minutes as well as tips on how to make the best use of PACS.

Interested in being a PAC member? Visit our PAC site to learn more about becoming a member and the benefits of contributing to the quality and currency of our programs.