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Institutional Quality Assurance

Institutional Quality Assurance

Introduction and Overview of CQAAP

In 2018 Centennial College will be going through an institutional audit called CQAAP, which stands for College Quality Assurance Audit Process. This audit process is conducted every five years by the Ontario College Quality Assurance Services (OCQAS), who ensure there are quality and consistency across the 24 colleges in Ontario. CQAAP involves the regular and cyclical review of each college’s quality assurance mechanisms to ensure they are continuously being improved.

The Centre for Academic Quality (CAQ) is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of Centennial College’s quality assurance systems and ensure the college’s policies, procedures, practices and protocols are aligned with the standards established by OCQAS:

  • Standard 1: Program Quality Management System
  • Standard 2: Program Development
  • Standard 3: Conformity with Government Requirements
  • Standard 4: Program Delivery and Student Assessment
  • Standard 5: Existence, Monitoring and Communication of Academic Policies and Practices
  • Standard 6: Availability and Allocation of College-Wide Resources

Each standard has a series of requirements that outline extensive, detailed, specific and comprehensive criteria, and provide the framework for the college to assess the extent of our quality assurance mechanisms.

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Our Commitment

CQAAP will serve as an opportunity for the college to demonstrate our commitment to quality education through our mission to educate students for career success, by reviewing our quality practices and strengthen the areas that need improvement. The entire college community will greatly benefit from this process, as it will assure at Centennial we are doing our best to provide a high level of education, thus positively impacting students, graduates and employers.

The process

The audit process stages are as follows:

  • Self-Evaluation: From 2017 through 2018, the entire college will undergo a comprehensive self-assessment on the effectiveness of our quality assurance systems. Collecting documentation and data that evidence the implementation of quality assurance mechanisms, or identifying areas of improvement where corrective actions should be made.

  • Self-Study Report: The conclusions from the Self-Evaluation process will be presented on a Self-Study report that must be submitted to OQCAS by March 5, 2018. This report will tell the story of how we are meeting the established standards, and will include the collected evidence, as well as action plans to be undertaken to make improvements where needed.

  • Site Visit: On May 2018, representatives from OCQAS will be here at the College to talk to staff, faculty and students about our policies, procedures, practices and protocols that ensure program quality.



What is the CQAAP?

  • CQAAP, stands for College Quality Assurance Audit Process. It is an institutional level process that involves the regular and cyclical review of the college's quality assurance mechanisms. Its purpose is developmental and its intent is to ensure continual improvement.


What is the OCQAS?

  • OCQAS or the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service was established to provide efficient tools that ensure specific quality and consistent standards are met by the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario (CAATs). They are responsible for ensuring quality at both the program level through the Credential Validation Service (CVS) as well as at the institutional level through the College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP). OCQAS is owned, operated and funded by the 24 public colleges in Ontario.


How often is CQAAP undertaken?

  • The CQAAP is undertaken every five years. Centennial College went through its last audit process in 2013, when it met fully met all standards.


How does this audit process affect college employees?

  • All college employees play a part in quality no matter what their role is at the college. Meeting the audit standards assures students and the public that Centennial College is doing its best to provide a high level of education, thus positively impacting our graduates and employers.

Contact us

If you have any questions or wish to receive more information about CQAAP, you may contact the Centre for Academic Quality or email us at cqaap@centennialcollege.ca