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About the Centre for Academic Quality (CAQ)

About the Centre for Academic Quality (CAQ)

The Centre for Academic Quality ensures quality in Centennial’s academic programs and curriculum.

Through a comprehensive set of processes and services, CAQ supports, guides and advises the academic Schools of Study and other departments across the college on academic quality matters to ensure the success of our programs and compliance with provincial standards. Our primary aim is to serve our college community as both a centre of information and source of learning to ensure academic excellence.

Our hope is to ensure every college employee sees and understands their role in ensuring academic quality and to collaborate with the college community to find ways to serve the needs of all stakeholders in our pursuit to achieve excellence and meet internal and external standards. Through a variety of services and learning opportunities, we help our colleagues make meaning of the complex quality assurance mechanisms that make up the Ontario college system as well as expanding knowledge, skills, and expertise that supports teaching, learning and serving students.

We understand that now, more than ever before, the current pressures on postsecondary institutions are creating the need for a comprehensive understanding of quality. We know that quality must include meaningful measurement, systematic evaluation, and sharing of best practices. We will continue our journey towards a true culture of quality. Reflecting and acting upon measures to ensure academic quality will become a way of being, whereby collective values, procedures, and principles will drive the continuous improvement of our programs and processes.

This is part of Our Academic Promise, taken from Centennial's Academic Plan. The Centre for Academic Quality is committed to making good on this promise.


Professional Development Programming

CAQ offers programming in the form of workshops and webinar related specifically to academic quality including COCO training, curriculum development, and online course design. College employees can view and register for internal programming through the COLT Calendar of Offerings. Please have your Centennial College ID and password to register.

Contact CAQ

CAQ is located at Progress Campus, B2-10
416-289-5000, ext. 3396
B2-10 Reception, ext. 2067