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Online, Hybrid and Blended Course Development

Online, Hybrid and Blended Course Development

Centennial's Instructional Design Team (IDT) acts as an institutional resource for faculty who are interested in all aspects of online, hybrid, blended, and web-enhanced learning (from teaching strategies, module organization, assessments, and educational technology). For those faculty with a general interest in course (re)design, or for those mandated to create a course, we offer both "consulting" (e.g., providing advice and input on a variety of curriculum items, such as assessments, module organization, course aesthetic, incorporation of technology, etc.) and "construction" services (e.g., building interactivities, content templates, eCentennial integration, etc.).

The IDT specializes in:

  • Determining and reflecting upon important situational factors that can influence the decision to offer either a blended or online course;
  • Promoting a process of “integrated design” when (re)designing all aspects of a blended or online course;
  • Suggesting a variety of blended or online models that can be used to organize a course;
  • Suggesting how to retool, convert, or redesign course material to create an engaging blended or online course;
  • Choosing learning activities and assessments that are best suited to the online or face-to-face environment;
  • Identifying effective teaching strategies (e.g., flipped classroom) that can be applied to a blended learning environment;
  • Recommending appropriate educational technology tools that can be incorporated into both a blended or online course;
  • Creating curriculum that promotes students’ digital literacy and skills;
  • Structuring courses so that students are appropriately oriented to, and can easily navigate, the online learning environment;
  • Demonstrating how to maintain a strong online social presence in order to humanize the online environment;
  • Advising how to integrate face-to-face and online course components (for a blended course);
  • Establishing practical course development schedules so that courses can be “ready to go” on time;
  • Providing quality assurance for blended or online courses;
  • Providing strategies for incorporating and creating dynamic interactive media elements to support students’ needs;
  • Modelling how course content can be displayed in the Learning Management System with the incorporation of videos, graphics/images, audio, presentations and more.