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Teaching Excellence

Teaching Excellence

About the Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching (COLT)

The Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching (COLT) is at the heart of Centennial College’s strategic commitment of “learning through engagement”. Through a comprehensive array of learning and development programming, consultation and institutional capacity-building, our department engages with all employee groups across all college divisions and campuses, as well as externally with teaching and learning divisions and educators in other post-secondary institutions. Our primary aim is to serve our college community as both a model and a hub for rich and transformative growth opportunities that advance our Commitments outlined in Centennial’s Strategic Plan (Book of Commitments, Second Edition), as well as the themes and goals of Centennial’s Academic Plan: Leading through Learning.

As part of a learning-centred college, we encourage our employees to engage in an ongoing journey of personal and professional learning and growth. Individual growth happens within the context of networks of peer relationships and supports: a ‘social ecosystem’.  Through a variety of teaching and learning opportunities, our employees forge new connections and deepen and expand their knowledge, skills, and expertise. 

Our faculty developers, technology trainers and learning and development specialists have collaborated in creating relevant and timely offerings to fit the many diverse needs and interests of our employee stakeholders, including those tailored especially for faculty, support staff, and administrators.  We invite you to further explore the work we do in support of Centennial’s vision of transforming lives and communities through learning and its mission of educating students for career success.

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Annual Report

Yearly publication that highlights past year’s activities and summarizes outcomes, learning and leadership

Academic Technology at Centennial

Supporting faculty and academic managers to promote the thoughtful and effective use of educational technologies and providing technological resources in pursuit of academic success for our students. Includes:

  • Overview
  • eLearning Strategy
  • Blended and Online Learning and Teaching (BOLT)

Faculty Development: Enhancing High Impact Teaching

Supporting faculty development across a broad continuum of programs, courses, and workshops including: 

  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TLHE) Certificate Program 
  • Teaching and Learning Webinar Series
  • Communities of Practice

Teaching and Learning Innovation Digest

A publication that shares current scholarly knowledge, research and best practices from the field of teaching and learning in higher education with our College community.

Academic Integrity

An online learning module available to all college employees that offers all faculty an evidence-informed and consistent approach to promoting academic integrity in the classroom, including tips for responding to breaches of academic honesty among students.

George Wicken Memorial Award and the Diane Fagel Award

The George Wicken Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence honours an outstanding full-time or contract faculty member from any Academic School across the College.

The Diane Fagel Support Staff Excellence Award recognizes the contributions of a support staff member who contributes to teaching and learning excellence to benefit students.

Legislative Compliance Training

Mandatory online training modules required to be completed by all Centennial employees:

  • Accessibility and Universal Design in Learning 
  • Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation (IASR) & Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC)
  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy Training
  • Violence and Prevention Policy and Procedures Awareness Training

Calendar of Offerings

A comprehensive course calendar released each semester that highlights professional development opportunities available to our Centennial College community.