Book an in-person assessment

Book an in-person assessment

If you prefer to write your assessment in-person at Centennial College, please follow these steps:

1. Book your Skills Assessment

Book your Skills Assessment as soon as possible, with the goal of having it completed well before your program begins. 

2. Prepare for the assessment

The best preparation for your assessment is to arrive early and be well rested. We recommend reviewing the assessment format and complete the study materials relevant to the assessment(s) you will be writing.

3. What to bring to your assessment

The most important item to bring to your Skills Assessment is an acceptable photo ID. Other items you are allowed to bring include: letter from Centennial College, bottle of water, and a pair of headphones if you are writing the Language Skills Assessment. Parking may be provided by the Assessment Centre.

Please do not bring your own stationery, writing utensils, dictionary or calculator. We will provide you with all the materials you need for the assessment.

What is acceptable photo ID?

Acceptable photo ID has a current photo and cannot be older than 10 years. These can include one of the following: passport (Canadian or foreign), driver’s license, provincial photo ID card, proof of citizenship card, Permanent Residence card, or a Centennial College student photo ID.

If you do not have any of the above ID, you may provide non-government issued photo ID (such as other school photo ID, transit photo ID, or employment ID) along with either your birth certification or social insurance card.

Students arriving without proper photo ID will not be allowed to write their skills assessment and will be asked to rebook their test.

What is the parking policy when I arrive to write my assessment?

Weekday Testing (8:00 AM to 5:30 PM)

  • Progress Campus
    Please park in the gated lot 3 or lot 6 when you arrive at Centennial College. You will be issued an entry ticket at the gate. Bring this ticket with you to the Assessment Centre.
    After your assessment, please speak to the front desk staff. You will be provided with an exit ticket required to leave the parking lot.
  • Ashtonbee Campus
    Short-term parking is available at the south end of the Student Parking Lot off of Ashtonbee Road. Please remember to purchase and display a valid pay-and-display ticket if you plan to park in the short-term lot.
  • Story Arts Centre
    Short-term parking is available on the south-east end of the campus, immediately inside the entry driveway. Please remember to purchase and display a valid pay-and-display ticket if you plan to park in the short-term lot.

For more information regarding parking, please visit our Parking Services page.

Weekend and Evening Testing (After 5:30 PM)

Applicable to all campuses, free parking is provided by the college to all visitors and students on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and weekdays after 5:30 PM. Please park in one of the lots with the open gate if you are writing an evening or weekend exam.

4. After your assessment

The Assessment Centre staff will review your results and they will be used by the college for either admission consideration, indicate the need for program upgrading, or to identify the appropriate language or math course that matches your current skill level.

For additional information, please visit our frequently asked questions page.