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Online Skills Assessment Request Form

Thank you for your interest in writing your Skills Assessment remotely. Please read the Test Centre Rules for this service and electronically acknowledge the rules upon completion of the applicant form.

If your request has been approved to write your Skills Assessment remotely we will reply with directions on how to contact your remote proctor and provide you with a testing voucher number to access your Skills Assessments.

Test Centre Rules

  • The student’s desk must be clear of any papers, folders, books, cell phones, and electronic equipment. Any whiteboards or blackboards must be erased or covered.
  • Any second monitors must be disabled and turned facing away from the student.
  • Any blue tooth enabled devices must be disabled.
  • Any allowed items must be communicated in advance to the proctor and the student must display them during the room scan. (Ex: Notes, calculators, graphing tools, notes, formulas.)
  • The student is not allowed to talk or receive assistance from other people during the exam.
  • Prior to starting the exam, the student must close out any open applications including web pages, mail, chat or IM programs.
  • The student must comply with all proctor instructions for the live online proctored exam.
  • If the proctor detects any aberrant behaviour (behaviour not in line with the code of ethics/integrity policies/Live Online Proctoring Expectations), the proctor will suspend the exam and refer the student back to the institution.

It is understood that the Skills Assessment will be conducted and are subjected to the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Honesty and Plagiarism policies. The College has the right to enforce compliance with such prescribed standards through appropriate sanctions or action. Inappropriate behaviour for the policies includes: non-return of borrowed college property, damage to property, honesty and good order. Inappropriate behaviour for the Academic Honesty policy includes: cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, misrepresentation, and fraudulent behaviour. Non-compliance in these policies may result in: a delay of admission, a withdrawal of an Offer of Admission or suspension or expulsion.

All fields are required to request an Online Skills Assessment.