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Conversations for Social Change: Fair Play

Date: Monday, October 02, 2017 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Venue: Fireside Gallery, Progress Campus

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Inclusion at Centennial College is inviting students, employees and community for the purpose of engaging in dialogue around diversity, inclusion, access and social justice in the field of sports, health, recreation, and leisure. This event would provide opportunities for students and staff to be introduced to concepts of identity and intersectionalities, inequity, and how to work against systems of oppression within their chosen fields of study.

Invited Speakers:

Natasha Bacchus, preferred name Courage, is a Canadian-Guyanese born and raised in Toronto. Currently, she is a Good Life Fitness Level 2 Personal Trainer and self-employed Personal Trainer. Track and Field is her passion which has led to her competing in and winning in World Games and Pan Am Games for the Deaf.

Shireen Ahmed, is a writer, public speaker and sports activist who focuses on Muslim women, and the intersections of racism and misogyny in sports. Her work has been featured and discussed in various media outlets. She is part of the “Burn It All Down” feminist sports podcast team. When she isn’t watching soccer, she drinks coffee as tool of resistance. Shireen is currently working on her first book. She lives in Mississauga with her family and her cat.

Barb Besharat,

Senior Specialist

Sport and Recreation – Strategic Partnership Initiatives

519 Church Street Community Centre

Participants will deepen their understanding in the understanding in the following areas:

· What does identity mean when we think about intersectionality and multiple sites of oppression in sports, recreation facilities, leisure activities, and health?

· What does effective inclusion and accommodation look like?

· How can we actively/effectively work against systems of oppression/discrimination in our everyday lives as students, faculty, staff, and/or as allies?

For more information, please contact Punita Lumb at plumb@centennialcollege.ca. Please register for the event on this link here: http://centenni.al/CSC-fair-play

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