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Remembrance Day Observance

Date: Friday, November 08, 2019 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Venue: Library, Story Arts Centre

We will hold our annual Remembrance Day observance on Friday, November 8 at 10:15 a.m. in the Library.

This year is the 75th anniversary of the Italian Campaign, when 93,000 Canadians pushed the Nazis back out of Sicily, and up the boot of Italy between 1943-1945.

During the ceremony students from our Journalism program will interview three veterans. Two from the Second World War, including one who served in the Italian Campaign, Max Dankner, a military medal winner, and Bob Middleton, making a return visit to the Story Arts Centre, who served as a Lancaster Navigator in a WWII Bomber Squadron. Our third veteran is a decorated officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, Sub-Lieutenant Rod Carew, a veteran of 23 years aboard Canadian warships, including post-9/11 in the Persian Gulf, Operation Sirius in the Mediterranean, and more recently, in the Caribbean and Pacific helping authorities arrest narcotics smugglers. November 8 is also National Aboriginal Veterans Day and our observance will acknowledge the important role First Nations and Indigenous soldiers played in the Canadian forces.

Our observance will also feature participation from the Royal Canadian Legion Todmorden Branch 10's Colour Party and bugler Daniel J. Barak. Our Music Industry Arts and Performance and Theatre Arts and Performance students will also be contributing to the ceremony and the entire service will also be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook by our Broadcasting – Radio, Television Film and Digital Media students.

In addition to the service in the library we will also have a special display of five memory kits curated and produced by our Museum and Cultural Management students on display in the foyer. These kits informed and contributed to the 75th Anniversary of the Small Arms Inspection Building. The kits are filled with touchable artifacts and printed material for you to enjoy which reflect the ‘heyday’ of the Small Arms Ltd. Factory in 1944. Walk through history by enjoying each of the themes reflected in the kits including: Victory Bonds and You; Women in the Workforce; Daily life; Downtime; and On the Factory Floor.

Students, staff and the community are all welcome and encouraged to attend. Doors will open 10 a.m.

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