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Ontario Student Grant

Ontario Student Grant

The Ontario government has transformed the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) to make post-secondary education more accessible and affordable. To help more post-secondary students qualify for grants and access the student loan system, the Ontario government has introduced a new grant – the Ontario Student Grant – which will provide eligible, full-time students access to more generous financial assistance.

Important changes to OSAP

  • You are automatically considered for the Ontario Student Grant when you apply for OSAP
  • If you're a dependent, post-secondary student and your parents earn $50,000 or less in annual income, you will receive enough grants to cover the average cost of your college or university tuition
  • Most students from middle and lower income families will receive more generous grants than ever before
  • If you receive the Ontario Student Grant and withdraw from your program within the first 30 days, your grant will be converted to a repayable loan

We encourage all interested students to apply for OSAP as soon as possible to find out how much you will receive from this new grant funding.