Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Impact Campaign fundraising for?

Centennial College has embarked on the first phase of a 25-year campus space plan. The overall cost of Centennial’s visionary expansion plans is $692 million, with a fundraising goal of $50 million divided between our two priorities—capital projects and student scholarships.


Why is the campaign called "Impact"?

When you give a gift to Centennial College, you’re not just making an impact on the actual physical landscape. You’re making an impact in the community and most importantly, making a lasting impact on the future generations of Centennial students.


When does the campaign start?

The official campaign launch is set for February 2014.


Why is this campaign important for Centennial College?

Due to increasing enrollment, Centennial has continually expanded over the past four decades. To meet the evolving needs of students and to prepare them for future careers, it is necessary to expand our physical boundaries.


What is the College's legal name and charitable registration number?

Centennial College
Charitable# 106884760 RR 0001


Do all donations go directly to the cause or is there an administrative cost that my donation covers?

100% of donations go directly to fundraising initiatives.


What's the difference between sponsorship and donation?

Sponsorship is a cash or in-kind fee paid to an organization or group in return for advertising or promotion of its brand, products or services. Providing sponsorship to a charity or to a charitable event is not a gift and no tax receipt will be issued.


What if I want to donate a valuable item instead of cash, will I get a tax receipt?

Yes, we call this type of donation a “gift-in-kind”. The College will issue a tax receipt for the item based on the fair market value.


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