Hybrid car drives learning at the School of Transportation

A gift of a hybrid car from Oxford Property Groups, Yorkdale Shopping Centre has provided invaluable learning opportunities to over 1,000 students at the School of Transportation. Through this donation, automotive students learn how hybrid vehicles function and how to repair them. Upon graduation, students will enter the industry with advanced knowledge of renewable types of fuel power and the know-how to steer the future of automotive technology.

“Green energy is the future of the automotive industry,” says Kyle Dodd, Assistant Manager of Security at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. “The gift of the hybrid vehicle will help get the next level of transportation professionals up and running as they enter the workforce.”

As we become more environmentally-conscious, hybrid vehicles will become a more popular mode of transportation. A gift-of-kind of an automotive vehicle enables students to learn about the inner workings of hybrid vehicles, how they function, and how they can be repaired so they can become expert technicians on the cars of the future.

Dodd believes that giving back to help others, either through gifts-in-kind or monetary donations, makes a lasting impact not only on students, but donors as well. “It’s about karma,” Dodd says. “If you give something forward, you’re getting something back.”

Gift-in-kind donations, such as equipment, are integral to the success of the hands-on learning model that colleges offer. Gifts-in-kind are goods and services that are repurposed to benefit students and the College. Students have unrestricted access to the appropriate tools and technologies that form the foundation of their educational experience. Also, gifts-in-kind offset the costs of purchasing items to advance learning experiences for students. Donors also benefit by receiving a tax deduction and extending the life of the gift.