President's Message

From the beginning, our community made a difference. Centennial was the first College to open its doors in Ontario, largely due to the drive and determination of the people of Scarborough.


From our humble beginnings in 1966, we’ve grown to four campuses in eastern Toronto, and offer education and training all over the world. In Toronto alone, we provide a dynamic, engaging learning experience to more than 18,000 students.


To keep our education relevant and current, and to ensure that financial barriers are removed for students, we are once again asking our community to play a significant role.


We are reaching out to community members, Centennial supporters, private investors and corporations, asking them to add their name to a growing list of donors who have helped build an incredible scholarship and bursary program for the College. These funds recognize and reward academic excellence, celebrate noteworthy achievement, and provide opportunities for students who may not otherwise have the financial means to access higher education.


The campaign also supports us as we continue to make significant changes to our facilities. Construction is underway at Ashtonbee and Progress Campuses to expand the facility and create more student spaces. As well, we will be starting construction on an exciting new campus at Downsview Park, which will house our aviation and aerospace program. By building new facilities and investing in our existing campuses, Centennial continues to elevate the educational experience for students and ensure that they learn in specialized, modern environments they deserve.


This fundraising initiative supports Centennial in its vision of transforming lives and communities through learning. I am proud of our College and honoured to be the first donor to support this campaign. Won’t you join me?


President Ann Buller at Centennial College by the library.