Building Campaign Overview

Centennial needs more space to meet enrollment demand, and it needs specialized facilities to meet the needs of educators and employers.

The Progress Campus is an example that combines both expansion and renewal. Completion of this project will create more space for more students, will provide students with a much better learning and social environment, and will make it possible to deliver services to those students more efficiently and effectively.

The Ashtonbee Campus is an expansion and a renewal project, however, it is driven by the need to create space for training in different transportation technologies. Due to technology and globalization, the pace of change in industry has accelerated. To train students for future employment in technical fields, it’s necessary to build and equip classrooms and labs that offer hands-on learning opportunities.

Also, we are adding an exciting, new campus at Downsview Park. This new campus will house Centennial's aviation and aerospace programs and will establish a central transportation hub in Ontario.