Scholarships Campaign

Helping Students Succeed

When students begin a course of study, no matter the program, the demands are high and navigating the path from application to graduation is often a long and challenging journey.


Centennial has many scholarships available to students for work well done. Provided by local employers, organizations and individuals, as well as Centennial employees, these awards are a testimony to the enormous amount of community and corporate support Centennial College has attracted over the years. But more is needed. Existing scholarships will be enhanced and new awards created with the support of generous donors including Centennial employees through our Family Campaign.


Of the total $692 million in funds required for completion of this plan, $20 million is being raised for scholarships. It is an ambitious but achievable goal as the campaign is comprised of a number of smaller campaigns:


Scholarship Type Fundraising Goal % Of $20M Scholarship Goal
International Scholarships $7 Million 35%
School Scholarships $6 Million 30%
General Scholarships $3 Million 15%
Special Interest Scholarships $3 Million 15%
Centennial Family Campaign $1 Million 5%