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Joseph McQuabbie

Aboriginal Coordinator

Joseph McQuabbie, Aboriginal Coordinator at Centennial College builds and develops relationships between Centennial College, the Three Nations, and several Urban Organizations who serve all Indigenous People.
Joseph has been an advocate for Indigenous Issues since 1992 and has provided consulting services through his own consulting organization.

At Centennial, Joseph focuses on true passion, commitment and sacrifice, self-development and implementation of the four R's to assist people and organizations to see the real value of Indigenous inclusion. His belief is building on “self” initiatives, problem-solving, and being a change catalyst, enabling him to assist individuals to take a more viable and sensible approach to success. Many of the individuals that Joseph has mentored have become very successful community leaders and great role models for Indigenous People, and now make a difference in the community.

Joseph also pursues employment opportunities for Indigenous People based on the culture and traditions beyond making money; an experience in the Indigenous cultural atmosphere.

Before launching his own venture, Joseph worked for the Ontario Provincial Police First Nations Branch and designed many of his approaches and models while policing Northern Ontario. This opportunity was created by fulfilling the role as Community Service Officer, presenting two programs for elementary and secondary schools in his detachment area. Joseph’s presentation focused on “building of self” with the Indigenous teachings of his grandfathers. The successes of this presentation lead to several speaking engagements with other schools and organizations.

Today he continues his work with an Indigenous inclusion model, speaking at several distinguished organizations and venues. Organizations that now ensure they build opportunities for Indigenous learners and make Indigenous inclusion a priority.

At Centennial College, Joseph has brought a bilateral learning opportunity between the College and the Indigenous communities, engaging both entities to learn together about each other’s diversity. Joseph and Centennial College are immersed in the learnings of this diverse culture and the teachings of the Three Nations. These Nations are steeped in traditions and governance that was once a methodology that build nations on the three concepts of Self - Family - Community.