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Indigenous Studies: First Peoples in Canada Certificate

Indigenous Studies: First Peoples in Canada Certificate

The First Peoples program lets you to earn an extra credential on top of your diploma program. This four-course certificate program allows you to explore First Peoples’ current issues, community, relationships, self-governance and sovereignty within Canada. Explore themes of diversity, treaties, symbolisms, rites of passage, ceremony and the Canadian Government’s Statement of Apology to the First Peoples in Canada. Material is presented through oral traditions, stories, art, music, dance and symbolism. This credential will diversify your education, building on your program’s practices and employability.

Students are required to take GNED 250, GNED 251, GNED 252 and GNED 500 in order to complete the credential. Two of these courses will be taken as the GNED electives. GNED 500 remains a requirement as specified in the student diploma program. The outstanding course must be taken in addition to your model route. An additional tuition fee will be applied.   

Program Outline


First Peoples Stories: Current Issues

This course introduces you to current issues facing First Peoples in Canada and has you exploring experiences, values,and beliefs, through stories, art, music and song. Topics include #IdleNoMore, the First Nations Education Act, the Keystone pipeline, the Highway of Tears, the Sixties Scoop, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and residential schools.


First Peoples Stories: Communities
Prerequisite: GNED-250 

This course examines the role of communities and community development amongst the First Peoples of Canada. Relationships play a significant role within First Peoples communities, and through the use of stories, you’ll explore diverse relationships between First Peoples, bands, clans and the relationship to self. You’ll also look at the First Peoples relationship with land, nature and spirituality.


First Peoples Stories: Self-governance and Sovereignty
Prerequisite: GNED-251

This course will allows you to explore themes of self-governance and sovereignty, building on previous First Peoples studies courses on current issues (GNED-250) and community (GNED-252). Through stories about reclamation, advocacy and agency, you’ll examine the evolving perspectives on self-governance and self-determination.


Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action

Global citizenship helps you gain the knowledge and skills needed to live and work in a world that is globally interconnected. You’ll examine and analyze social problems, gain an understanding of identity and values, develop an awareness of media conglomeration, power and control, and investigate issues of equality and equity using different perspectives to develop a plan for social action that will bring about positive change. This course allows you to develop a sound understanding of what it means to be a global citizen, both personally and professionally, and the ways in which they can make a contribution to an equitable society and world.