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Centennial Stars: Ankar Anwar

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At #CentennialStars, we recognize leaders, legends and unsung heroes of the college. Anyone, be they, students, faculty or staff can be a Centennial Star, as long as they’ve done extraordinary things or gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Marketing and event management professional, student leader, and now, a Centennial Star, Ankar Anwar puts his heart, mind and soul into all he does.

Ankar started his Centennial journey in 2015 when he was accepted to the Business Administration Marketing program at Progress Campus, which would soon become his second home. When deciding to enrol in the program, Ankar didn’t think twice. He knew that Centennial College was the right place for him.

“Coming to Canada and choosing Centennial has been the best choice of my life,” Ankar said.

New to Centennial and new to the country, Ankar would come to campus each day for his classes, then head straight to his part-time job. It wasn’t until the second year, when he landed a co-op placement with the Centre for Global Citizenship, Equity, and Inclusion (GCEI), that Ankar started spending more time on campus. Going to college events, meeting people, and getting involved led Ankar to find his passion for event planning and management.

In 2018, Ankar worked with some of his classmates to put on the first STRUT fashion show, an event that promotes body positivity, equity and inclusion. After being accepted for the Social Action Fund, which supports social justice projects on campus, Ankar and his team got right to it. Working with the models and outside organizations, Ankar brought the event at Progress campus to life for over 300 people.

The success of STRUT made Ankar look for more student opportunities on campus until he found the Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience (GCELE) in 2018. After being accepted, Ankar got on a plane with fourteen other students for a ten-day trip to Cuba. He learned about permaculture and sustainable farming through workshops, farm visits, and meeting the locals.

“This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Ankar says.

He was also a member of the TEDx Centennial College Toronto organizing committee last November and fills the role as Student Co-Chair of the Co-Curricular Student Learning and Development department. 

Ankar will be graduating from the Business Administration Marketing Co-op program in April, but his journey in Canada is not over yet. Ankar is applying to universities in the Toronto area and hopes to be back to school soon.

“I really enjoy being in school,” Ankar says. “I love the post-secondary environment because you get to connect with people with all different backgrounds.”

When asked what he will miss most about Progress campus, Ankar told us that it would be the people.

“You can go anywhere on campus, and talk to anyone, and you know you will have an interesting conversation,” he says. “I have so many great memories, but now it’s time for me to go out and explore.”  

Lucky for us, Ankar won’t be too far away. He has found a special place in his heart for Toronto and is not planning to leave this city any time soon.

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