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Centennial's Updated Sexual Assault & Sexual Violence Policy

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Centennial College has published its updated Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedures on its College Policies webpage. In November, college presidents voted unanimously to create a policy and protocol that would be available at all colleges by March 31, 2015. A draft version was publicly released in January and there have been consultations throughout the province to finalize the documents.

Building on our existing policies and practices, Centennial's policy and procedures provide precise definitions of sexual assault and sexual violence, set clear standards for reporting and responding to incidents of sexual violence, and establish clear processes for complaints and investigations. They also set clear definitions and provisions protecting confidentiality for those involved throughout the process. This will help ensure that our campuses are safe, that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities when it comes to sexual assault, and that effective and immediate support is available for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence.

Centennial played a leadership role in the development of the policy and procedures that were announced by Colleges Ontario (the advocacy organization for the province’s 24 colleges) which formed the basis for each college's policy. The Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedures were developed through consultations with students and student leaders throughout Ontario, legal experts, the Ontario Women’s Directorate, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, government officials and others.

All Ontario colleges based their policy and procedures on the provincial template, developing their documents in support of the action plan on sexual violence announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne on March 6. Work will continue to be done to ensure the initiatives at each college fulfill the expectations and requirements of the premier’s action plan.

Centennial staff and student leaders provided valuable input into our updated Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedures to ensure that they reflect our College community’s needs, and our Board of Governors reviewed and approved the final documents. We are grateful for everyone’s feedback and suggestions. Centennial is currently working on next steps, including new education and training at the College and the development of new awareness and prevention initiatives. A new page on our website is currently under production and will be available within the next week or so.

Safety remains a top priority at Centennial College. With support from our students and staff, we will continue to raise awareness of this important issue and the role we must all play in preventing sexual violence.

For more information on the Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedures, please contact:

Kevin Rajpaulsingh
Director, Student Life
416-289-5000, ext. 2145

Ron White
Manager, Life Safety and Security Services, Planning and Operations
416-289-5000, ext. 5021