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Photography student snaps award-winning image

Photo of a skier turning on a tight curve of the skiing track

At Centennial College, our programs give students real, practical skills that they can happily demonstrate. Centennial College Photography student Neda Durovski got that chance when Nikon Canada hosted a special contest for students from various Ontario colleges at the Collingwood-Blue Mountain ski resort on January 26.

The students were invited to use Nikon gear to take pictures of competitors in a ski race, with the best photo netting the photographer some new Nikon equipment. Program coordinator Joseph Marranca selected Neda to represent Centennial in the competition on that frigid day, and she wound up taking the grand prize with her action shot shown here.

“It was a great opportunity,” Neda says of her being chosen to represent Centennial. “Nikon gave us equipment to use, their top camera and lenses. I have never used the D5 before, and was very excited to try it out!” Neda explains how she got her award-winning photo.

“It was the last race, the final for the men, and I was waiting for them on the last curve of the track. I noticed that the racers were losing control on that curve, and I anticipated that eventually some would fall. It happened on the very last race and I was there to take the shot.”

For proving her photography skills, Neda received a Nikon Z 6 Mirrorless Kit with an FTZ adapter, worth $5000, something that will help her in her future photography career. “It's amazing and I'm planning to use it, of course!” Neda says of her prize.

“Photography has always been my greatest passion,” Neda says. “I made the decision to study at Centennial mainly because of our program coordinator, Joseph Marranca. He was always fast to respond to my questions and concerns, and as an international student applying from outside of Canada, this was very important for me.”

“The entire program is based on practical experience,” she says of the two-year Photography program at Centennial. “We have amazing equipment available for us to use. Also, all of the teachers are professionals currently working in the industry. They are very open to sharing their insights and experiences.”

As for her plans for the future? “I have many! Time will show which way I'll end up going, but one thing is certain, it will be with photography,” Neda says, beaming.

By Anthony Geremia