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Students in their own words: Maitri Patel on the secrets to career success

Picture of Maitri Patel at the 2017 Convocation Ceremony

Centennial College offers you practical programs that connect you to the career you want. But we do more than just teach. We help you get into that career with our Career Services and Co-Operative Education department, who can provide you with job search resources, and can help you with your resume and your job interview skills.

Maitri Patel is an example of the College and Career Centre’s success. Maitri took the Advanced Biotechnology Fast Track program in April of 2017. Advanced Biotechnology teaches you the scientific principles behind microbiology, and you learn how to test for and identify microorganisms. In practical terms, you learn how to see what substances biological things are made of. Maitri was able to turn these skills into a career, with help from the college’s Career Centre, works at Gay Lea Foods as a Poison Control Technician, an important role ensuring their food products are safe to consume. Here’s how she got to where she is, and how the college helped here

On how her Centennial College education prepared her for her career…

Centennial College upgraded the knowledge that I had and expertized my skills through different projects and experiments. Working up to date with accuracy and precision is what I acquired from this college.”

On how the Career Services and Co-operative Education department helped her get the job…

Centennial College Career Services helped me in developing my resume as well as making me prepared for an interview with the company by taking a mock interview. I owe a deep gratitude to career service advisor Kathy Devine, who followed up with me during and even after the interview.”

On her personal secrets to success…

“The success of finding a job that best suits my qualifications comes down to the efforts made in achieving it. Also, LinkedIn played a very important role in getting me this job. For those who are graduating, I would say that the journey of job search is not full of troubles. All you need to do is be confident, trust yourself, prepare yourself for any challenge on your way and remember that life is full of possibilities.”

By Anthony Geremia and Maitri Patel