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Today’s health and wellness, community and child services, and emergency services sectors are complex. While technology advances and career roles expand, one idea is unwavering: Professionals in community and health-related fields care deeply about making a positive impact. This belief — coupled with solid theory and experiential training in our realistic labs as well as professional placements in your field of study — will prepare you for a profession in which you can help to foster inclusive, healthier communities.

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Alumni Story

Read about how Queen Kuyoki, a graduate of Centennial College, is using the skills she gained to positively impact the world.

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Check out these videos to learn more about some of our programs and what we have to offer:

Video: Collaboration Activity - Police Foundations and Child and Youth Care Program

students from each programs understand their program's role through a collaborative project.

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Video: Community and Justice Services Program at Centennial College

Help and advocate for those who are at risk or involved with the criminal justice system.

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Video: Community Development Work at Centennial College

Help members of your community overcome barriers and guide them to a thriving quality of life.

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Video: Developmental Services Worker Program at Centennial College

Start a meaningful career in supporting members of your community.

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Video: Early Childhood Education Program at Centennial College

Follow along as Mark Rocamora, a Registered Early Childhood Educator at Centennial College and Graduate of the ECE program, explains how he feels about making a real difference in the lives of young children and what he thinks of the Early Childhood education program at Centennial College. He guides children during their early years of development and helps them reach their full potential.

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Video: Recreation and Leisure Services

Go beyond the classroom with Centennial College’s Recreation and Leisure Services program to gather the skills and experience needed for a successful career in building stronger communities.

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Video: Paramedic Program at Centennial College

As Chanel Ramcharan makes her way through Centennial College’s Paramedic program, she’s excited, because all of her instructors treat her like she’s going to be their colleague one day and teach her to that standard.

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Video: Police Foundations

Katelyn Gerrits is a graduate of Centennial College’s Police Foundations program, and in this video, she describes what she loved about it, including the fact that it’s a uniform-based program and that the faculty are all retired police.

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Video: Pre-service Firefighter Education and Training

In Centennial College’s Pre-Service Firefighter education and training program, you get to use the equipment and tools of the trade, as you do real search and rescue exercises on professional firefighter training grounds.

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Video: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Enrolled as a student in Centennial College’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, Czarielle Dela Cruz was surprised by all of the different career paths she could take with her experience.

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Video: Esthetician Program at Centennial College

There’s a lot more to esthetics than beauty. As an esthetician, you’re focused on the analysis, assessment and treatment of skin, and are well-versed in chemistry, biology and pharmacology.

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Video: Healthcare Environmental Services Management

Today’s healthcare environment is changing, and there is an increased need for professionals who know how to manage that environment to keep it clean, healthy and safe.

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Video: Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is about more than relaxation. It’s an important part of health care, due to its therapeutic uses.

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Video: Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant

Physiotherapy is a hands-on career, so you need a hands-on program to teach you how it all works. In this video, we talk to Wayne Santiago, a graduate of Centennial College’s Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant program.

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Video: Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing student Alex Taccone decided to enrol in Centennial College’s Practical Nursing program because of its high student success rate, representing a better opportunity to begin a career in the nursing field.

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Before I started this program, I had zero experience in the pharmacy field. All my knowledge and skills about pharmacy practice, medication, and techniques were learned in the classroom setting. The program has a good balance between theory and practical courses, which provided me with essential skills and experiences to work in a real pharmacy. I started my first pharmacy job after my third semester at Centennial College. My manager was surprised at how fast I was able to pick up the workflow, as my only previous pharmacy experience was from the two placements that amounted 56 hours in total. Aside from the program structure, the instructors are all very passionate about the materials they are teaching and they really care about the success of their students. Overall, I believe the Pharmacy Technician Program at Centennial College is a well-rounded and comprehensive program that really helped me to prepare for the workforce and becoming a registered Pharmacy Technician. Olivia Bai, Pharmacy Technician, Graduate