Current and Past Industry Partners

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Thanks to our progressive collaborations with our partners, we share important knowledge, rigorously test products and services, and develop game-changing technology. In doing so, we help our community in countless ways. We look forward to adding you to our following list of vibrant industry partners.

Interdev Technologies Inc.
Interdev is the leading global developer of solutions for Emergency Medical Services and Professional Credential Management.

Canarie – Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research
Canarie's research and education network provides Canada's high-tech entrepreneurs access to free cloud-based computing and storage resources to help them rev up product development and gain a competitive edge in the global market.

Spongelab Interactive
Spongelab is a global science community where partners and users contribute and collaborate in the name of science education.

DMTI Spatial
Canada's leader in “location intelligence,” DMTI sets the standard for using Geographic Information Systems to retrieve, store and organize data based on map location.

BiteBank Websites Inc.
Bitebank Media provides dental and medical professionals with cost effective and results-driven online solutions.

Magnusmode Inc.
Designers of life skills training tools for individuals with learning disabilities.

Simcol Security
Providers of reliable and professional security and investigative services.

Bloom Digital
A digital agency with a focus on health promotion, stakeholder design and youth audiences.

Aiding the healthcare community to discover and deploy smart, workable solutions that address the health challenges facing our population.

Synergy Tech
Synergy Tech is a full-service corporate communications and Technology provider, bringing creative and innovative solutions for customers' critical problems.

Cardinal Response
Designers of the Bully Buddies app that allows children to call for help at the push of a button.

NDi Media
Creators of interactive children's media since 2001.

NexJ  Systems
NexJ Systems is a leading provider of cloud-based software delivering enterprise relationship management solutions to the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries.

Nexas Network
Trusted computer-integrated manufacturers since 1992, specializing in the area of machine tool connectivity and optimization.

The biggest comic-making website in the world.

Ontario Genomics Institute
The Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) is a private, not-for-profit corporation focused on using world-class research to create strategic genomics resources and accelerate Ontario's development of a globally-competitive life sciences sector.

OASYS Healthcare OASYS Healthcare is a leading provider of innovative audio, video and mechanical solutions for the medical industry.

Clear Blue Technologies
Clear Blue Technologies is a company with a vision of combining environmentally-friendly green energy with innovative hardware and software.

3Di Solutions
3Di Solutions creates the highest quality interactive 3D content on every available platform, researching new technologies for businesses from different applications.    

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
TRCA offers knowledge and experience to help their partners contribute to a healthy city. This includes ecology and the study of water quality, natural habitats, plants, animals and more to help identify environmental needs, set targets and restore natural areas.

Hanson Pipe & Precast
Hanson Pipe & Precast is an international building products company and one of the largest manufacturers of concrete products in North America. 

BRANDAID Project is a Canadian social enterprise for the progressive global consumer, mobilizing the power of marketing, design and technology to birth new brands and products from the handmade world. 

Royal Canadian Geographical Society
One of Canada's largest non-profit educational organizations, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is dedicated to imparting a broader knowledge and deeper appreciation of Canada — its people and places, its natural and cultural heritage and its environmental, social and economic challenges.

TRD Manufacturing Inc.
TRD Manufacturing has offered expertise in precision machining and engineering for nearly 30 years.

Red Cross 
The Canadian Red Cross Society is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world whose mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.

Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare is a leading Toronto health care facility, specializing in rehabilitation for patients who have experienced strokes, orthopedic surgery or lower limb amputation.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Admira's primary focus is “Hybrid Energy Systems Technology” research and commercialization.

Podotech – Podo Pal Inc.
Podo Pal Inc. is a Toronto based footwear manufacturing boutique specialized in custom shoes and orthosis.

Data Appeal
DataAppeal is a data analytics and visualization company interested in helping organizations increase the use and sharing of information.

One Smart World
OneSmartWorld is a Canadian human performance improvement organization that helps progressive leaders in business and education build 21st century skills to achieve superior results.

Wenvor Technologies Inc.
Wenvor Technologies Inc. is a Guelph, Ontario based Canadian manufacturer of 30 kW wind turbines.

Mine Design Technologies
MDT is an instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications.

EBPI is a biotechnology-based company specializing in the manufacture and custom application of simple, rapid and cost effective methods for detection and monitoring of toxic, mutagenic and genotoxic materials.

Efston Science
EfstonSolar supplies solar power installers with systems, components and associated services for FIT, microFIT, off-grid and net-metering projects.

Hungry Eyes 9
Hungry Eyes Film & Television is an award-winning media company that delivers compelling, quality productions.

NIM Energy
NIM Energy has developed ground breaking, fuel-celled technologies that provide renewable, portable energy production that is inexpensive, safe and simple to use.

Story Planet
Based in Toronto, Story Planet is a non-profit that offers free workshops to support children and youth (ages 6-18) in becoming creative and effective communicators.

1Degree Bio
1DegreeBio is an open-access platform that enables researchers to source and review the highest-quality products and service providers for their research needs.

AG Simpson
AGS Automotive Systems has more than 60 years experience in the automotive parts industry – a full service supplier, with capabilities in stamping, plating, coating, welding, sequencing and assembly.

Sansin Corporation
Sansin is the global leader in environmentally-friendly wood protection.

Creators of Prodigy, a fun, interactive, computer math game that was custom-built to teach over 300 crucial math skills for Grades 1 - 8.

Public Health Ontario Laboratories
Public Health Ontario Laboratories (PHOL) is a Crown corporation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health of all Ontarians and reducing inequities in health.

Celestica's talented global team is dedicated to delivering end-to-end product lifecycle solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Founded as a nature and science magazine for children in 1976, OWL has ignited the curiosities of kids ages 9 to 13.

Career Mobile Media
Helping businesses and recruiters build online relationships and expand their communities.

Emerging Methods
Emerging Methods' collective of professionals have worked for more than fifteen years in interactive media, transmedia, storytelling and gaming, architecture, design, education, entertainment, sustainability, finance, government sectors, digital media and software development.

Komodo Open Lab
Komodo OpenLab enhances the accessibility of mainstream technologies by leveraging the wisdom of users and their communities through the use of open-source technologies and open standards.

Seamless Security
Seamless Security offers security services to a broad range of customers including transportation, pharmaceutical logistics, heavy construction, nuclear manufacturing and healthcare.

Fast Motion Studio
Fast Motion Studios, a division of Fast Motion Media Group, is a Toronto based film and new media production company offering services in several facets of the entertainment industry.