History & Achievements

The Centre of Entrepreneurship (COE) at Centennial College teaches, coaches and inspires aspiring entrepreneurs. Since its founding more than two decades ago in 1987, COE has received uninterrupted funding from government sources. Over more than a quarter century of uninterrupted existence, COE has helped over 3,600 previously unemployed individuals turn into entrepreneurs and launch their businesses with a 97% start-up success rate. COE's clients have rated the quality of its programs highly, as measured through program satisfaction ratings (currently standing at 96%). The COE has grown to become the largest delivery organization for the Ontario Self Employment Benefits (OSEB) Program in the Greater Toronto Area.

In May 2015, the COE earned the Silver Award of Excellence (for Program Excellence) from Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). COE was also recognized with a CICan Entrepreneurship Award for Entrepreneurship in the Community in March 2015.