Our Unique Value Proposition

Always striving to improve and update services, Centre of Entrepreneurship (COE) has continuously upgraded training content and process to support clients with their self-employment goals. COE uses an innovative approach to the business planning process and re-designed its training delivery to incorporate this methodology based on the highly acclaimed “Running Lean” book introduced by Ash Maurya, a successful entrepreneur, author and mentor.

Many of COE’s clients main-street entrepreneurs. While lean start-up methodologies have mostly focused on technology-based start-ups, COE’s successful adaption into main-street businesses is a remarkable innovation. The lean methodology has helped our clients explore multiple customer segments, validate their offering more effectively with the recommended research and interviewing process, link their positioning statement and unique value proposition to the results of this validation, and develop paths to customers that bring results in a short period.

COE has unique expertise in training Independent Producers in film and television to set up successful businesses. This incubator – the only one of its kind in Canada-started in 2006 and has assisted 35 entrepreneurs each year to commercialize their business ideas with knowledge, mentoring, advising and project funding.