Wavefront Market Validation Training

The Centennial College Centre of Entrepreneurship will be collaborating with Wavefront to offer Market Validation Training for founders of companies trying to get a new technology product to market.

Designed to help entrepreneurs get to market faster with less risk, the Market Validation Training provides a structured process with tools, best practices, and mentoring from a team of experienced CEOs to help you identify the best opportunity, develop a compelling value proposition, and close early customers.

The Market Validation Training includes

  • 3 full-day interactive training sessions with other entrepreneurs and a group of mentors
  • 3 one-on-one mentoring sessions with an experienced technology CEO or executive
  • Online training modules to review and to share with team members (including templates, resources and actionable tools)

You leave with

  • A completed positioning statement and value proposition
  • A strategy to succeed at commercialization
  • Priorities identified to achieve early adopter customers
  • Training to sell to early adopters
  • Actionable tools and templates
  • Access to contacts and resources

Apply today

Complete the Market Validation Training Application form today to apply for the training.

About Wavefront

Wavefront is Canada’s Centre of Excellence for Wireless Commercialization and Research, accelerating the growth and success of wireless companies by connecting them with critical resources, partners and opportunities, to drive economic and social benefits for Canada.

Next Steps

Contact us today to find out details of the Marketing Validation Training.

Rene Morrison
416-289-5000, ext. 8583

Training Location
Centennial College Progress Campus
Centennial Place, R Block
941 Progress Avenue, Toronto