Centre for Global Citizenship, Education & Inclusion

The Centre for Global Citizenship, Education & Inclusion (GCEI) works to actively engage Centennial College and the wider community in transformative learning through a social justice lens to further develop inclusive working and learning environments, foster new essential skills for an evolving global economy and encourage civic action for social good. Students learn the job skills they need for the global workforce by getting the opportunity to collaboratively problem-solve to address challenges in their local and global communities.

This is becoming progressively more important as our world becomes increasingly connected through globalization, digital technologies and shifting migration patterns. By getting involved in this program, college students, educators and industries can work together towards innovative solutions to the social and economic problems of our time.

At Centennial College, students automatically become part of an award-winning Signature Learning Experience (SLE) that prepares them for career success in any industry.  The innovative curriculum encourages students to think beyond the local and recognize how global thinking impacts their career development. Centennial College recognizes the value of the diverse perspectives that students bring with them, and leverages these within an international education program to provide Centennial graduates with a distinct advantage in the global job market.

Centennial’s SLE integrates the principles of Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE) Education into the curriculum and provides co-curricular as well as global education opportunities to support students to excel in a diverse world.  Employers are increasingly expecting candidates to become job ready, able to skillfully navigate across multiple identities, cultures and countries in a globalized economy.  At the same time, the public is insisting on greater social accountability and environmental sustainability from businesses, governments and service providers. GCE Education at Centennial prepares students to take on the challenges of today’s world and develop valuable job skills they can demonstrate through a digital portfolio to help them stand out with employers.

For more information about equity, inclusion, social entrepreneurship, global citizenship and your rights and responsibilities with regards to discrimination and harassment, please contact the Centre at:

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Inclusion
941 Progress Ave., Scarborough, ON, M1G 3T8 (Room B2-12)
416-289-5000, ext. 2464