Get Involved!

The Centre for Global Citizenship, Education & Inclusion (GCEI) works to actively engage Centennial College students and employees to further develop working and learning environments, foster new skills for an evolving global economy and encourage civic action for social good.

The following opportunities provided by the Centre help students and employees learn to build their leadership and professional skills, and guide students to become well-prepared with the skills and expertise they need for the global workforce:

  • Apply now for a $2000 Social Action Fund
  • Participate in the Global Academy, a school-wide contest to win $5000 towards a product/service that will help improve our world
  • Participate in GCE (Global Citizenship & Equity) Workshops – Conversations for Social Change, Positive Space, Inclusive Learning & Working Environments or our GCE Seminar Series
  • Submit an article for the Global Citizen Digest or Journal of GCE Education
  • Participate in a Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Experience (GCELE) – through the Global Experiences Office
  • Attend our Global Citizenship & Equity Education Summit in May
  • Learn how to demonstrate your global skills and abilities in a portfolio (for students)
  • Connect with our Program Advisors on how to further integrate GCE learning into courses (for faculty)
  • Apply for a GCE Research Grant (for faculty)

For more information about the opportunities, please contact the GCEI office at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464.