Transformative GCE Education & Awareness

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion (GCEI) provides a variety of Education and Awareness opportunities for students, support staff, administration and faculty to learn more about issues related to Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE). Centennial community members are welcome to attend training sessions and educational events offered throughout the year, request one of the Centre’s standard workshops or request a custom workshop for their class, School or department.

Positive Space

Throughout the year, students and employees have the opportunity to build their knowledge and skills by taking part in a Positive Space workshop to create a College environment that is welcoming and inclusive of sexual and gender diversity. The Centre’s team is also available to work with classes, Academic Schools and departments to support further integration of Positive Space learning and principles into their work. Please read further about the Positive Space Program, or contact the Centre at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464 or email us at

Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention

Working in collaboration with other areas of the College, the Centre for GCEI is involved in the development of resources and learning opportunities to increase awareness and prevention of sexual violence. Their efforts include the co-development of online training for employees on Centennial’s Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy, engaging students in dialogue about sexual assault prevention during Orientation and Service Fairs, creating print resources and campaigns, involving students in raising awareness through student contests and delivering Bringing in the Bystander training. For more information or to get involved in the Centre’s Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention initiatives, please contact the Centre at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464 or email us at

Equity and Inclusion Training

The Centre offers training for students, faculty, support staff and administration to create more equitable and inclusive learning and working environments. Centennial community members are invited to attend one of the workshops or contact a team member to customize a training for your area. For more information or to learn more about the Equity and Inclusion Training opportunities, please contact the Centre at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464 or email us at

Managing Unconscious Bias Workshop

Employees are invited to attend the Centre’s Managing Unconscious Bias training to learn more about the ways in which their beliefs and behaviours may be influenced by unconscious biases and what can be done to counteract this bias. Develop the knowledge and skills to identify and address bias in ourselves and others and to take leadership for change. To take part in a Managing Unconscious Bias workshop, please contact the Centre at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464 or email us at

GCE Seminar

The Centre offers students the opportunity to learn more about global citizenship, equity and inclusion through the GCE Seminar Series workshops. Students can earn credit towards their Leadership Passport and develop important knowledge and skills they can use to build their GCE portfolio and take leadership for social change. To find out about upcoming GCE Seminar workshops, please contact the Centre at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464 or email us at

Creating a GCE Portfolio Workshop

Studying at Centennial College, a student automatically becomes part of Centennial’s Signature Learning Experience. The Centre supports students to develop a digital GCE Skills Portfolio that will set them apart from other candidates when looking for a job. The Centre offers workshops and consultation for students, support for faculty who want to learn more about helping their students create a GCE portfolio, as well as class presentations. For more information about using a Digital GCE Portfolio, please contact the Centre at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464 or email us at