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Acting 1

Course Code FLMA-703
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course gives students an opportunity to explore the many elements of the screen actor’s craft. Through lectures, acting exercises and take-home assignments, actors and non-actors alike will learn the terminology of screen acting, the most effective ways for an actor to approach a piece of material and, most importantly, how auditioning, stage acting and screen acting are essentially the self-same discipline, passing through three very different “filters”. Although the actor must clearly understand the particular mechanics and technical constraints of each medium, the final analysis of the craft – the essential nuts and bolts of truthful, compelling, transcendent acting – is always the same. The course emphasizes scene breakdown, characterization, the emotional and physical demands of performance, improvisation and everything else needed to get a show “up on its feet”. Every student will prepare for and perform a monologue and two scenes of approximately three minutes in length in front of the camera.