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Advanced Computer Applications

Course Code RECL-127
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Course Availability: Open
Description: Advanced Computers for Recreation and Leisure Studies students acknowledges in today’s society individuals come with a computers foundation. This course strives to build on that knowledge and prepare the student for the field of Recreation Computer applications such as using Excel for related Accounting, Business formulas, and Statistics. To accomplish this purpose this course will familiarize the student with installing software, compressing & decompressing files, downloading files, as well as protecting file s will be introduced. The use of application software, graphics, sound & video are introduced. Buying & expanding your PC will be taught. The class will also cover a well rounded Excel portion with a review of basic operations & then move to more advanced topics. The Excel portion will explore ways of formatting & presenting information & use both databases & charts to analyze data. This course includes formulas that link worksheets together & demonstrates how to combine features to accomplish a particular task.