Advanced Hospitality Management

Course Code HTAP-300
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Course Availability: Open
Description: The end of the Twentieth Century was characterized by great change in the social, political and economic framework of society. The first decade of this new Millennium promises even greater change. Advanced Hospitality Management looks at the emerging trends in Management and how they may impact the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Business Ethics, globalization and technology are studied.

The course includes a management simulation .BYOB is the only interactive, real-time, online, hospitality simulation for anyone that has dreamed of opening his or her own business. We whisk you away to the Cocktail Islands where you will start your own business by choosing your dream resort, hotel, nightclub, restaurant or pub; you will also have choice of choosing to have your business in one of seven towns.
You will be immersed into a world with artificially intelligent population with demographics, towns and roadways - a weather system and real time competitive environment actually created by others who have dreamed like you. This simulation will nurture your business skills and sharpen your business sense while real life practices help teach you the specifics of operating a successful hospitality business.