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Applied Environmental Practice

Course Code VS-230
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course combines a series of in-depth laboratory exercises in the fields of microbiology, chemistry and civil engineering to provide advanced knowledge and operational skills necessary for Environmental Protection Technicians and Technologists. Emphasis will be placed on acquiring information, working independently, interpreting data accurately, and writing and presenting technical reports. Each student, working singly or in pairs, will complete three exercise modules of laboratory/field work from each of the Industrial Biology, Chemistry and Civil Engineering Department, based on a rotating, concurrent schedule. At the beginning of the biology and chemistry modules, students will receive short lectures about essential procedures to be followed, data to be gathered and presentation of data to be made. For the civil engineering module, each student will carry out his/her own individual project chosen from a list provided by the instructor, or they would develop their own in consultation with the instructor. Formal written reports are to be submitted for evaluation at the end of each exercise and a short formal oral presentation is required at the end of the civil engineering project.