Applied Research Methods

Course Code GS-240
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course will require that students prepare a small research proposal which contains an introduction, a review of related literature, a study framework, one or more methodologies appropriate for the study; and a plan of action outlining how the investigation will take place.
Students will be introduced to the purpose, methodology, analysis, politics and ethics of social science research.  Quantitative and Qualitative techniques will be examined including calculation of simple descriptive statistics used as measures of central tendency.
Topics will include research goals, methods and data collection techniques.  Individually and in groups, students critically examine current research reports.
After carefully selecting a research topic, approved by the professor, students will research existing literature in the library and on the web.
In carefully designed cooperative learning assignments and group projects, students will practice specific data collection (interviewing, observation, questionnaire design, etc) analysis and presentation findings.
Students will present orally and in a written format, a modified research proposal on a topic approved by the professor.  In the research proposal the students will present the objectives, a literature review, research design, methods, data, preliminary analysis and suggestions for further research.