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Bake Sensory Exploration

Course Code BAKE-212
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

How do we sense taste? The enjoyment of food is closely related to the senses, especially taste, aroma and texture. Sensory evaluation is a dynamic field concentrating on the utilization of humans for the measurement of sensory perceptions and/or their effect on food and taste acceptance. This course provides students with essential knowledge and understanding of ingredients used in the pastry chef's larder as well as food sensory as key aspects for the baker's skills and abilities. In this fourteen-week online course, students will explore the origins and development of diverse foods and beverages which help to distinguish the pastry chef's experience. Students will develop practical skills and apply self-reflective practice while investigating food and food practices that help continue to shape and influence the pastry chef's palate