CAD/CAM Project Manufacture

Course Code MT-273
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: Project is a fourth semester course in the CadCam Technician Program. This design and manufacture course is the pinnacle course of the program. Students will work in teams (2-3 students) in the complete development and manufacture of an original ‘Project’. Upon faculty approval, the student team will generate: a complete set of ‘Working Drawings’, a ‘Process Plan’, all ’CNC Documentation’, manufacture of ‘special fixtures’ as required and set-up & manufacture of ‘Project’ via the Machine shop & CNC Labs. This ‘hands-on’ course, will address the use of all of the Machining Centres (Horizontal, Vertical & Lathe), the Mastercam software and the Cad software Autocad.