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Child Abuse

Course Code ECEP-237
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Course Availability: Open

Child abuse in Canada transcends all social, economic and racial barriers.  It occurs in wealthy families, in poor families, in two parent families and in families with one parent.  The victims of child abuse are most often under five years of age and typically they have no one to advocate on their behalf.  Therefore, it is critical that Early Childhood Educators learn to identify the characteristics of child abuse and to understand the steps to be taken when abuse is suspected.

During this course, students will gain expertise in the areas of parent support, child advocacy, and professional reporting and documentation procedures.  As well, causal factors, preventive services, rehabilitation programs and social attitudes will be examined.

To respond to the individual learning styles of students, the instructor will employ a variety of teaching methods including, lectures, group discussion, case histories, films and debates.

Note: Minimum C grade. Pre-requisites: Semester 1 ECEP courses.