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Communicating for Business

Course Code GNED-069
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Course Availability: Open

This course provides an introduction to the nature of communication (speaking &listening) used in the global practice of business as part of the common first year of post-secondary level business programs at Centennial College, and as an elective to other program areas.

Emphasis will be placed on communicating with ease and fluency in the business setting, which includes topics such as technology, information, home-based business, e-business, and globalization. Readings of the textbook, newspaper, group discussion, the Internet, World Wide Web will be used. Each participant will be responsible for applying and monitoring his or her progress in the acquisition of verbal and non-verbal communication skills (pronunciation, language functions, rhythm and stress, gestures, body language and use of personal space)

The content of this course will have application to those in a wide range of programs and disciplines as learning, employment and career opportunities exist in business organizations, in the public and private sector, in entrepreneurial activities and in global settings.