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Community Development Policy

Course Code CDEV-316
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course will focus on how and why social and economic policy dimensions impact the community development process and community life in general.  A critical analysis of the social and cultural contexts of CD policy will be fully explored across multiple sectors.  Policy issues for local governments will be examined as well as the range of policy instruments – regulations, financial incentives, expenditures- available to communities in the process of making community policy. Why CD policy is important (the benefits), how it can be used and what factors should guide policy-making efforts aimed at CD, will be discussed.  Constraints on the development and implementation of community policy will be explored as well as the efficacy of various community policies in furthering CD practice.  Exploring social change theories will help to explain changing norms and standards of acceptable behaviour in a community that impact the ability of community residents to adhere to policies aimed at solving community problems and building community strengths.

Course Learning Outcomes

The student will reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Define a CD policy and examine different types and examples of these policies.
  2. Identify how policy initiatives can address social inequalities and promote social and economic change
  3. List the factors that guide and influence policy efforts aimed at facilitating change in the community.
  4. Examine how government policy can facilitate community collaboration and increase accountability.
  5. Describe how communities can participate in the formation and implementation of policy.
  6. Examine various constraints on the development and implementation of policy directed at the community
  7. Analyze social change theories and how they help to explain the community's adherence to policies