Community Development

Course Code SSWR-302
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The field of social service work recognizes that private troubles are, in fact, public issues.  Community organizing is the theory and practice of organizing people around the public issues in their lives with the goal of creating social change, and is a critical component of social service work practice. In this course, we will examine the theoretical and practical aspects of community organising.  Students will work in groups to plan, implement and present a new community program that promotes equality and social justice using community organising theory and skills.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyze the key elements that define a community and identify major community and social  issues.
  2. Discuss the role of a community organizer in facilitating community change.
  3. Compare and contrast the ideological differences between community “organizing” and “development”.
  4. Demonstrate community organizing skills including: community needs analysis, meeting facilitation, decision making, planning, and organizing.
  5. Develop a community program development project designed to confront/challenge existing power relations and promote social justice, while evaluating each members’ contribution to the group’s goals.
  6. Demonstrate professional standards in the course including: adherence to professional code of ethics, commitments to classmates, commitments to deadlines, respectful communication, and professional and respectful relationships in the placement agency community.